Dark Roast

Our Dark Roast blend is quite possibly the perfect substitute for coffee. Rich, robust and energizing, mate, when it has been roasted, is especially potent. Our touch of chicory increases the full-body flavour and aroma.

Enjoy this organic, naturally sweet, and delicious tea that is veritably “Beyond Coffee”.

Dark Roast 100TB
Dark Roast - 100 Tea Bags - ORGANIC


Dark Roast 150g
Dark Roast Loose Tea - 150 grams - ORGANIC


Dark Roast 300g
Dark Roast Loose Tea - 300 grams - ORGANIC


Dark Roast 5lbs
Dark Roast Loose Tea - 2.27 Kg - ORGANIC


Dark Roast 35lb Box
Dark Roast - 35lb Bulk Box - ORGANIC


Dark Roast  Tea Box
Dark Roast - Tea Bags - ORGANIC






Great morning coffee sub. Thank you for the samples.


First thing I drink every morning to replace my usual coffee. Gets me going without the caffeine rush. Excellent product & service